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Weight Loss Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have time to make the office visits?
We’re mobile! If you can put together a small group of 3 or more people, Dr. Yores will visit your home, school, or workplace for regular visits. Obviously, this feature of the program has some limitations and needs to be addressed individually.

Will I be hungry on this program?
Like any lifestyle change, the first week or two are more difficult. Yes, there will be times when you are hungry during that adjustment period. As you become accustomed to the program and, more importantly, when you see the pounds come flying off, you will no longer feel hungry and your sense of achievement will help you overcome any deprived feelings.

What is the cost of the programs?
If you are not already a patient you will need to have an intial consult ($80) and a clinical and laboratory examination ($150). Phase 1 requires 3 visits per week, each visit costing $40. In summary, Phase 1 costs $480 per month. Phase2 involves 5 office visits at $100 each – That’s it.

Phase 2 can be done on your own for the rest of your life for free! Fortunately, naturopathic treatments are covered by most extended health insurance policies.

How much weight can I expect to lose?
During Phase 1 patients can expect to lose 10-20lbs per month. Phase 2 is typically more gradual at 6-8lbs per month and slower as you approach your ideal weight.

What is in the injections?
Injections are given 2-3 times per week. They consist of a vitamin B-Complex and other vitamins, minerals and homeopathic compounds as necessary for each individual. The injections are used to prevent deficiencies, accelerate fat metabolism, and preserve muscle tissue.

How often will I get to see my doctor?
Every visit. Dr. Yores insists that he apply all treatments to ensure that each client is being supported and monitored adequately and accurately. His skills and experience with the program will help patients overcome obstacles easily.

Do I need to buy special foods?
No. Your food list will contain generic foods that are available at your local grocery store.

Are there any side-effects?
Like any weight loss effort, the first week comes with some hunger. Occasionally patients have reported fatigue during this period as well. After the first week or so, patients are only reporting positive changes in energy, mental clarity, digestion and overall well-being.

Once I complete the program, will I re-gain the weight I’ve lost?
Every effort is made in this program to maintain your metabolic function. You will “graduate” from the program with an intact and sustained basal metabolic rate. We have not experienced the type of rebound weight-gain that other programs are known for.

Of course, if you simply return to habits that caused your weight gain to begin with, you will gradually return to your previous body composition. This program will give you the tools to recognize this trend and stop it from becoming a problem.

What is ketosis and is it safe?
Ketosis is a state of energy metabolism that derived from fat metabolism. In a low-carbohydrate diet (or ketogenic diet), the body shifts from normally burning glucose or sugars for energy to burning fat for fuel. This is what we are trying to achieve. On this program you will be checking your urine for ketones to ensure that you are burning fat. The body is well-adapted for ketosis and poses no health risks.

However, this is not a recommended permanent lifestyle change. It is a short-term effort that should not be sustained for longer than 3 months.

Page Last Updated: November 4, 2009

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