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Privacy Policy

Privacy is a customer service guarantee held in high regard at yoreshealth.com.

This web site is committed to maintaining your privacy by protecting your personal information from misuse.

Privacy continues to be an issue of great concern among Internet users, and we at yoreshealth.com not only appreciate this concern, but also want to put you at ease by clearly outlining how the information we collect is used, stored, and protected.

Yoreshealth.com collects two types of information about our visitors.

A. Personally Identifiable Information

This includes details such as your name, e-mail, home address, etc. This information will not be disclosed to anyone, unless a visitor indicates yoreshealth.com may do so. 

B. Demographic Information

This includes information such as area/zip code, age, income level, etc., as well as statistical information, such as usage habits. Statistics and demographics may be shared with business partners, but personally identifiable information will not be disclosed or shared without your permission.

yoreshealth.com uses employs three methods used to gather personally identifiable information, and demographics. Information collection enables us to deliver top-notch customer service by delivering content and services our users need.

Our information collection methods are standard across the Internet, and include:

1. Registration
The registration page on yoreshealth.com requires you to submit relevant contact information, such as name and e-mail address; as well as demographic information, such as area/zip code, age, and income level.
Contact information is private and will not be disclosed to anyone.

Demographic information enables yoreshealth.com to refine our web site, and customize our content to meet your needs, and preferences. Demographics may be shared with advertisers and business partners, but will not identify you personally.

With demographic information, yoreshealth.com can bring you information on medical products and services you may need.

2. "Cookies"
Cookies are text files which can be placed in the browser on your computer. Our cookies do not contain personally identifiable information. This feature enables us to measure which areas on this web site are useful, and which areas need improvement.

When you submit information to yoreshealth.com, cookies can be used to produce content we think you may be interested in, and either display or broadcast content according to your preferences.

Cookies can be used, for example, to store your password, so you won't have to re-enter it each time your log on to this web site.

3. I.P. Address

An I.P. Address is a special numeric code that is attached to your computer each time you log on to the Internet. yoreshealth.com collects data on I.P. Address, but this information is anonymous, and not linked to any personally identifiable information you submit on our web site.

This information may be shared with sponsors, advertisers, and business partners, but will not identify you personally.

Anonymous information enables us to refine this web site with improved services, and to measure the success of advertisements, promotional events, and a variety of other marketing efforts created at yoreshealth.com.

yoreshealth.com features may exciting and useful services such as contests, online questionnaires, a chat line, and a feed back area. There are issues of privacy relating to these features. 

Below is a listing of services offered at yoreshealth.com, and our strategy for safeguarding your privacy in those areas.

A. Online Quizzes, and Questionnaires

Some of the medical topics featured on yoreshealth.com contain brief quizzes and questionnaires. These surveys are intended to help users to understand a particular medical condition.  

When contact and demographic information is requested, it will only be used to contact you in the event of any winnings. Contact information will not be disclosed.
Demographic information may be disclosed, but the identity of our visitors will be kept anonymous.

B. Web Resources

Some of the medical topics featured on yoreshealth.com contain links to external web sites. These links are a courtesy provided for your convenience, and intended to help you access additional health information.

In some cases, yoreshealth.com will have a relationship with a linked web site. In other cases, there will be no relationship. In either case, yoreshealth.com cannot hold any responsibility or liability for the privacy policies carried by external links.

External links have separate authority, and use individual and independent privacy and information collection policies and practices.

yoreshealth.com strives to create external links with credible, professional health web sites, but visitors can enter these sites at their own risk.

yoreshealth.com's visitors are encouraged to report any questions and concerns about content on external web sites to yoreshealth.com.

C. Blog

Information and comments visitors disclose in these areas are in the public space, and automatically become public information, which can be viewed by other visitors. Visitors should not disclose any information which they would not want others to view.

D. Security

yoreshealth.com subscribes to a web hosting service. An Internet Service Provided (ISP), provides this web site with information storage space on a server.

yoreshealth.com works with our ISP to ensure user information is safe and secure. Personal information is stored in a secure data base. Information submitted to our web site from the Internet is secured with encryption technology, and stored in a secure data base.

yoreshealth.com's Registration page requests contact and demographic information from visitors. Demographic information (gender, age, income level, and area code) is used to refine this site, and to help us to provide customized services that will fulfill the needs of our visitors.

Demographic information is share with advertisers, but the identity of our visitors is kept anonymous.

Page Last Updated April 8, 2009

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